Friday, July 20, 2007

The Full Monty on Animal Feeds

Here's a guide to all that's useful about animal feeds.

Hey, we know its fairly modest in scope as yet, but in time it will be a bigger list.

  1. As it says, all about feed.
  2. EU problems from zero-tolerance of GMOs in feed imports


kimrennin said...

It takes real cojones to undertake "The Full Monty," and by saying that, we're not trying to be cheeky. The men of Theatre III in West Acton are undertaking the Terrence McNalty/David Yazbek musical - by portraying unemployed American steelworkers facing down their jitters as they prepare to debut as strippers at a local club, the Theatre III cast is required to sing, dance, and face down jitters as they play men ready to take it all off.
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Aashessh Gupta said...

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