Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Salinity Tolerance Advice from the Grain Biotech Australia Website

The threat to agriculture in Australian through dryland salinity is increasing at an alarming rate.
A supplement to the GMO Pundit page on Salinity Solutions.
Western Australia has the largest area of dryland salinity in Australia and the greatest potential for increased damage over the next 50 years (National Land and Water Resources Audit, 2000; Currently 4.3 million hectares are susceptible to dryland salinity in the south-west region of Western Australia, with an expected 8.8 million hectares affected by 2050 (National Land and Water Resources Audit, 2000;

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Full Monty on Biodiesel.

What you'll find here

  1. Roger Kalla on bio-diesel from algae
  2. GMO Pundit posts on bio-diesel and related oilseed issues.
  3. Biodiesel Basics
  4. Review of University of Alberta Canola Breeding Program
  5. Gull Biodiesel plant using tallow in Queensland opened.
  6. Biodiesel gets a boost from Big Oil in the US.
  7. Biodiesel 2c off takes off in South Australia.
  8. WA Dept Ag and Food Biofuels Website, for further links and updates.
  9. ABARE cost estimates on Bio-diesel and Bio-ethanol in Australia
  10. More on Canadian export of Biodiesel feedstock to the EU. Aug 2006.
  11. Even more Canadian biodiesel goodies.
  12. Costing projections from ABARE on biofuels. Aug 2006
  13. Ethanol can substitute for methanol in biodiesel. Sept 2006.
  14. Microwaves to produce biodiesel. Oct 2006
  15. Soybeans for the Northern Territory Biodiesel Push. Oct 2006
  16. Cotton for the NT Biodiesel push? Oct 2006
  17. Bio-fuel diesel charactoristics and comparisons. R T Schuler, Wisconsin. Oct 2006.
  18. AOF Forum 2006 Disck Selwwoods Presentation on Biodiesel. Nov 2006
  19. Biodiesel Magazine.
  20. Turning Coal into Biodiesel. November 2006.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Full Monty on Animal Feeding Trials of GM foods.

GM Crop Animal Feeding Safety Testing and Crop Chemical Safety Profiling Papers.

A readable summary of this post is given here.

A much more readable update on this issue (March 2010)) is given at Academics Review

Friday, May 05, 2006

Collected links and summaries on natural gene evolution.

This post was inspired by C├ędric Feschotte and colleagues' paper just below and collects together comments about natural evolution of genes. Much of this topic is covered in GMO Pundit's Natural GMOs series, and collected links to this series are also given below (see Collected GMO Pundit Posts).